"Time exist not for love but because of love time exist"

Oct 17, 2014

- When you start, do not think when or where it will end, think how to make your journey with no regrets. Embarking into a path that was rarely taken will need a lot of confidence, courage and motivation, while you give me all those that I need and never as for return -

Journey That Never Ends

Oct 10, 2014

- There are always something in life are meant to happen, people that you fated to meet and feelings that you are meant to experience. -
- There are also things that are meant to be done with someone special, it could be as small as just watching "The Fault In Our Stars" to going for a wonderful trip together. That's why I never finish that movie and never travel since then because I'm still waiting for that special one. -

Fault In Our Stars

Sep 1, 2013

- Life is full of bitterness but you can always share it with the one you cherish, somehow or rather the bitterness eventually turn to the sweetest moments of your life. Spending the bitter time with someone like YOU will always be irreplaceable -

The Sweetest Coffee @ illy Pavilion, KL

Aug 31, 2013

- SUN of HOPE is just beyond the Darkness -

THE RISE @ One Logistic Hub, Klang

Aug 30, 2013

- YOU shore my life when I'm in darkness, YOUR wise words like a wall of solid shelter encouraging my path -

Lighthouse @ Langkawi, Kedah

May not be the most beautiful shot of the day but what matters is the most beautiful moments are capture and share to the people you cherish.

Sunrise @ Broga Hill, Seminyeh

Nov 1, 2011

The Love I feel for you is so easy to express,
All you want is love and you shall get nothing less,
Around you I can be myself there's no need to impress,
But without you around me I'm bound to make a mess
I need you in my life i cannot cope with this stress
Feeling I have let you down and it cause me distress
I would if i could but I'm not aloud any access
I have not made it easy for you this I confess
I want you to be proud of me for being a success
Tell ya family I'm a great soul mate that I'm the best
Its never too late cos we are going on a quest
To our future and dreams where I'm can rest

Love Quotes

 A feeling so strange yet a feeling tat makes me feel so alive...
A feeling for sumone tat I care, a feeling tat makes me feel so happy...
A feeling tat everyone wants to feel, its the feeling i feel wen i think of U...
A feeling so new but feels soo true, a feeling which i want to feel forever..
A feeling of togetherness, warmth n care, feeling of trust which have no limit...
A feeling of saddness wen u r not around, a feeling of freezing da time wen wit u...
A feeling of knowin sumone for a short time, but a feeling of knowin him forever...
A feeling of joy for every touch, a feeling of ur hand holding mine forever....

A Feeling of Love

Oct 6, 2011

Tanzanite Island @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah